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    董事会成员Jim Lynn,先生. '79 reflects of the unique benefits of a Xaverian education, as well as the importance of giving back.


List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • 克利伯基金是什么?

    克利伯基金 is the “gift every year” that Xaverian counts on from our family—alumni, 父母, 爷爷奶奶, 受托人, friends and faculty—to help underwrite the cost of a Xaverian education. As the budget expands to meet the growing demands of our student body, the Clipper Fund serves as Xaverian’s largest source of unrestricted income allowing us to provide the stellar Catholic education we are known for.
  • Why does Xaverian have the Clipper Fund?

    Like all Catholic schools, tuition alone does not cover the cost of providing a Xaverian education. Not only do we need to close the gap, 但也, need to have funds available to provide for financial aid, professional development for faculty and staff, and capitalize on opportunities to enhance our academic, 精神上的, extra-curricular and athletic programs.
  • Why not simply raise tuition?

    There are tuition increases that help augment growth in faculty salaries and school-wide programs. 但, Xaverian could not raise tuition to cover the full cost without limiting the number of qualified students who could afford to attend. 学费 is also not tax-deductible. A gift to the Clipper Fund is (as allowed by law).
  • Xaverian能削减开支吗?

    The 校董会 works in collaboration with the President to set budgets and closely examines School expenditures. Any cut that would undermine academic, 精神上的, extra-curricular and athletic opportunities would negatively impact a students’ experience at Xaverian.
  • Specifically, what does the Clipper Fund support?

    克利伯基金 supports operations. It helps offset departmental and extracurricular budgets; provides for investments in technology and professional development. It also provides much-needed financial aid for deserving students. 今年, we are introducing our Clipper Family of Funds, and you can designate your Clipper Fund gift as follows:
    • 橡子基金—funds will be designated by the Xaverian administration and used where most needed;
    • 教师发展基金—helps provide educational opportunities for faculty & 工作人员;
    • 经济援助基金—helps provide tuition assistance for deserving students otherwise unable to afford a Xaverian education;
    • 《体育博彩平台》基金 - helps underwrite the cost of operating our middle school program;
    • 科学 & 科技基金—helps purchase iPads and other 设备; helps to maintain and improve the infrastructure of Xaverian’s technology network;
    • 校园事工基金-帮助承保务虚会, the Urban Challenge Retreat in New Jersey, and other opportunities for 精神上的 growth;
    • 执行 & 美术—helps purchase music and artistic 设备 and helps underwrite performance costs for concerts both overseas and nationally, including the White House and the Nationaly Gallery of 艺术 in Washington, D.C.;
    • 体育运动 & 体育课—helps purchase athletic uniforms, 设备, and helps cover the cost of transportation to and from athletic events;
    • 设备维护-帮助支付公用事业费用, 教室的保养, 体育馆, auditorium and other areas within Xaverian
  • How much should I give and when?

    慈善是个人的. We do ask that you be as generous as your means allow. All gifts to the Clipper Fund, regardless of size, are most welcome and extremely important. Everyone’s participation is needed because there is Power in Numbers!

    Xaverian’s Fiscal Year runs from July 1st through June 30th, and if you would like to make a tax-deductible gift for the present year, please do so before December 31st.
  • How can we make our gift to support the Clipper Fund?

    Xaverian is a 501 © (3) not-for-profit institution and gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law. You can make your gift as follows:
    • 检查 付款人: Xaverian
    • 在线 at
    • 信用卡—We accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover
    • 证券礼品—请 contact the Office of Advancement for information
    • 匹配的礼物—Some employers match gifts to Xaverian. 咨询你的人力资源部.
  • In addition to the Clipper Fund, are there other ways to support Xaverian?

    是的. Xaverian always has capital and programmatic needs beyond the Clipper Fund that require significant immediate funding or deferred gifts made through 惠特康协会, Xaverian’s Planned 给 Society. 请 contact Eileen Long Chelales, Director of Advancement via phone at 718-759-5797 or via e-mail at

    请 点击这里 网上捐款.  


成立于1957年, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.